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entre ríos

entre ríos is a creative-research project that investigates ideas of virtual and geographical displacement, through archival footage, counter narratives, historical and topographical material along with 360 and drone technologies and various cgi techniques. this project investigates the concept of 'virtual dislocation', as in today’s digitally mediated reality, we are physically here and digitally elsewhere. this dislocation is also the result of socio-economic phenomena which often forces migrant bodies to relocate to a different city, country or culture. these migrant bodies often live as fluid beings that navigate between memories of their past, the reality of their present and the illusions of their future

co-created with colombian-canadian artists


2021   la grande rencontre des arts médiatiques en gaspésie @



- video and installation. 6:38 min

- projectors, video-mapping

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