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origo is an audiovisual composition created from real-time geographic visualization / exploration of physical and virtual spaces. during the performance, the artist uses an instrument composed of an ultrasonic sensor, rotation motor and laser diodes to explore a sculpture present on stage, as well as a navigation system to move between digital spaces. this exploration is transmitted in real time with a projection on a circular screen, a light show and an immersive soundscape. origo proposes an experience of contemplation of a living space, which is the result of a poetic hybridization between body and space


2022  la grande rencontre des arts médiatiques en gaspésie @

2021 @

2020  soundscapes @


- 20 to 30 minutes

- supersonic sensor, microcontroller,

rotation motor, laser diodes, video projector,

hd camera, led lights, computer and speakers

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