non-lieux (vr video)

non-nieux narrates the transcendence of bodies from a space, which allow for virtual connections to emerge. these exist somewhere between their recalled memories, their sense of present time and the visions and illusions of their bodies in an ‘other’ place. this project is a collaboration with multimedia artists


2020   work in progress


- vr video and installation. 6:00 min

- projectors, vr headset

virtual hyper-naturalisms (vr workshop)

participants had the opportunity to play with the idea of expanding their bodies through the use of digital technologies, as a way to create their own version of a virtual cyborg: a being composed of artificial and human components. they also explored cross-discipline interactions between bodies, spaces and digital media. this workshop was coproduced with artists and


2019   virtual hypernaturalisms @


- 3 vr videos. 00:30 min each

- 360 camera, vr headsets, chroma suits, computers, video projectors, microphones, mixed materials

new media dramaturgy (vr workshop)

through this workshop, students used digital technology to create different types of corporealities, as well as assemble new ways to create and present a narrative. students  experimented with different digital media in relation to their bodies, in order to initiate a dialogue surrounding the notions of virtual corporality, digital performativity, new media dramaturgy and mixed reality. this workshop was coproduced with artists and hosted by artist


2019   new media dramaturgy @


- 4 vr videos. 00:30 min each

- 360 camera, vr headsets, chroma suits, computers, video projectors, audio recorder, mixed materials

keyframe (collective work)

keyframe is a collective work specially designed for the motion motion festival by around fifty motion designers and illustrators. it was broadcasted during the festival on a giant screen with the shape of the motion motion logo


2019   keyframe @


- 50 animations, 00:05 min each

- giant screen and anchoring

duty free (collective work)

the gifs of fifty artists were selected and projected in different media outlets inside the gallery space. this exhibition became an immersive experience with the use of looping animated gifs. the work were compiled on usb flash drives for sale to the public


2018   duty free @


- 50 animations, variable duration

- tv, smart tv, projector, usb flash drive

mambo alive (collective work)

video mapping lab in charge of the paraguayan artist daniel milessi arcondo, with the technical support of the colombian audiovisual collective ema and 15 artists. this lab proposed an archive review of the material of the museum, which was was documented, edited and transformed to develop a series of audiovisual pieces which were projected on the facade of the museum during the festival mambo alive 2018. organized by


2018   mambo alive @


- video mapping show. 40:00 min

- projectors, midi controller and computers